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Directed Panspermia

A thought experiment

It has be nearly 10 years since the announcement. 

An international community of the best astronomers had checked and double checked. In the year 2059, the Sun is going supernova.* In reality, we should have seen it coming, but missed the sign posts. The initial reaction was one of defiance. That didn't last long. Once the Sun wants to go supernova, she's going. The next stage was flight. We had sent men to the moon and a handful of private companies, most notably SpaceX, were making serious progress on the space flight front. The general idea was to load everyone up in rockets and get the hell out of dodge - Mars wouldn't be that bad. Great idea until it was confirmed that the entire solar system was going to be unlivable (thanks Neil Degrasse Tyson). There was nowhere to fly. This entire episode took humanity about five years to figure out until we reached the final stage... acceptance. 

Most looked towards religion. The scientific community had another idea, preserve the light of consciousness. An old idea from Francis Crick called directed panspermia became popular and it was realized that our only way out of this mess wasn't as walking talking humans, but as information. As DNA. An international effort began that had an eerily similar feeling to Noah's ark. The idea was to genetically engineer a basic bacteria that would hopefully find a beach head somewhere in the cosmos and do what life does, evolve. As a little party gift, we'd encode all human knowledge into parts of the DNA. The hope being that one day the bacteria will evolve into something intelligent enough to decode our message. Maybe it/they would even figure out time travel and save us.

*Our sun is too small to go supernova

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