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Reality Is A Dream

Thoughts on digital physics

Every cycle of the sun humans lay on the ground, close their eyes and run complex simulations in their brains. In light of this absurdity, I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming and have tried various methods to induce them. Which brings us to a dream I recently had. I was semi lucid and began musing about simulation theory with a random dream character. It was very much like the conversations I have in waking reality and I said something along the lines of:

On a fundamental level, the space between you and I is an illusion. Physicality, as we experience it, is a type of projection from a more fundamental source. Think of characters in a video game. To their reference frame, space and physical objects feel real and concrete. But, from outside that reference frame, it's clear that their reality exists on some type of memory device or processor. Everything existing equidistant to the source. In other words, space time is an interface... emergent from an underlying computational process. It's like we're inside a simulation.

Then I woke up and began recalling the dream in my dream journal. I then realized that within the context of that dream reality, everything I had just said was accurate. The physicality I was experiencing was a projection of my brain. I was in a simulation.

Every night we create these vivid simulations. Implying that computational simulations emerge much more readily than we could ever image, no programmer required. Might similar processes emerge on vastly different scales? We ourselves might be inside one such construction.

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