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Self Propagating Resource Network

Decentralized allocation of resources

What's a blockchain?
A block-chain is a distributed way of generating consensus on the state of a database. The key word being distributed. Whereas the traditional method of maintaining state relies solely on a trusted third party, a block-chain does not. In the case of bitcoin, consensus is achieved through a profit incentive. Without which, the magical block-chain would be worthless.
"Ok, got it". A distributed database that doesn't require trust. Why should you care? A working block-chain allows a new breed of applications to be built, a la bitcoin. But currency might just be the beginning. Platforms like ethereum promise to make it much easier to develop distributed applications. 
Nomad property
A twitter conversation with Vinay Gupta provided one option. He mentioned an idea he called nomad property, which essentially describes a "self propagating resource network". Deploy a certain resource, within the frame work of a decentralized autonomous organization, with simple instructions to grow and find an equilibrium point. 
An example
A farmer rents a drone from the DAO and uses it to model his crops. Once finished, the drone is back on the block-chain to be rented again. All the while generating revenue to be used for maintenance, insurance and the final goal, replication. This process continues until a large network of drones are deployed.
The DAO is programmed with basic survival logic, so it avoids blindly replicating itself into oblivion. Upon finding equilibrium it might focus its efforts on upgrading to new systems. What began as a small seed has now grown into a large forest. Of course, this is easier said than done. A lot of underlying logic and processes must work for this to be even remotely possible.
Why it matters
It allows for the creation of a large network of resources with a relatively small initial seed. Distributing solar panels to every corner of planet Earth can't be done in a top down, centralized way. Self propagating resource networks might be one way forward. Think global, act local rings true.
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