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The Illusion of Isolation

Stop Yelling at Flowers

What do you see when you look at a flower? It has properties. But are they inherent to each flower? No. The flower is embedded in a larger system and the properties it displays are a function of that system. The soil, water, sunlight, nutrients, etc. all must be taken into account. The flower is but an expression of a multitude of variables, a momentary crystallization dependent upon the entire universe. In other words, the flower cannot be viewed in isolation. In fact, nothing can.

Regardless of this fact, we choose to ignore it. We look at a flower and see only that. Frozen in time. Frozen in space. We call it names and reason that if we scream at it, it will change. Or if we passionately tell our friends, it will change. Or hold protests, it will change. No. The flower won’t change, for it is not in control. It is but a paper boat riding the waves of a dynamically changing ocean of interdependent variables.

Dig deeper. Understand the variables at play. Map them out. Remove the emotion. Be a scientist. Understand the underlying system which brings forth the flower. Only then, can you change the flower.

Stop yelling at flowers.

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