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Models, language and symbolic representation

Language is a type of symbolic representation, a model. And it is of primary importance to the human experience. In many ways, reality is made of language. So primal to our everyday experience that we're oblivious to it, in the same way a fish is to water. Each culture has its own linguistic syntax and momentum that implicitly directs behavior. 
As humans, we are essentially linguistic labelers. This is understandable, labels are useful in the same way that it's useful to point at the moon. The problem lies in mistaking the finger for the moon and not looking where the finger points (thanks Alan Watts). A deep dive into any religion will leave you with the feeling that we've forgotten that these stories, words and symbols are just maps. Maps intended to represent an underlying terrain. To think that you've explored the terrain by looking at a map is to be mistaken about the nature of a model. It also blinds us to process. 
So what does this mean for your life? Contemplate the idea that you're embedded in language. Manifest as models and representations. Your personal identity, the state, God, wealth, happiness, love, sex, drugs, etc., etc. These are all words and thus two dimensional maps of an underlying terrain of fluidity. These maps are entirely provisional and need to be updated. Seek our direct experience of the terrain and update your map, our culture needs it. 
Credit: Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, David Bohm, Niels Bohr, Buckminster Fuller, Laozi
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